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Single Tooth Dental Implants
If you`re just missing 1 tooth, why buy an implant? What about a Bridge rather?
Check out my newest video on single tooth implants To find out more about your options, and the health advantages of getting a dental implant.
Losing a tooth is a thing, fortunately Technology now which we may use to replace your tooth using a sturdy implant. It`s the best choice to replace a lost tooth -- and also you can have it all done in one day!
Losing a Tooth
Losing a tooth is among the things individuals can Face -- I see my patients go all of the time. Some people say it`s their fear, and it`s happened. It is a hard place to get to.
Without that tooth set up, there`s Health effects beyond just the aesthetics. Bone reduction is faced by patients without a tooth that is functioning. A missing tooth impacts the way you are ready to chew your food, and the type of food you are in a position to consume. People often find they have effects such as avoiding social occasions, or not needing to grin.
Bridges have been option missing tooth. The worst part about a bridge is that you have to grind the teeth adjacent. That usually means you`ve turned a tooth problem . They then need to be replaced and last about 7-8 years.
With dental implants, you only replace the 1 lost tooth Without damaging the teeth near it. It looks, feels and acts like a normal tooth. A dental implant provides you the aesthetic performance of a tooth. Here is more on check out our site. You can eat anything you want, and it will preserve the bone .
Dental implants must last a lifetime. They don`t rust -- That is not an issue with a dental implant. You have to take care of your gum health with routine checkups and cleanings.
Is a Dental Implant Painful?
Many patients fear in their pain Level with getting a dental implant -- it`s among the most common questions I get daily. After the procedure, I am told by a number of my patients it was easier than obtaining a crown!
Patients shouldn`t be kept by pain from obtaining a dental implant. There are a assortment of options for pain control. The most comprehensive is IV sedation for individuals that are extremely anxious about the process and pain -- or even patients who need other dental work done. Other patients want basic oral hygiene. I allow my patients dictate what works best for them.
Replace Your Missing tooth With a Dental Implant
Unlike most implant dentists, one of the very best things about being This means youhave it, and`ll leave your process with a tooth in place the same day. After when we understand the implant has successfully treated a couple of months, we will set a permanent implant crown.
I see patients out of all over The larger Bay Area such as San Francisco, Marin County, San Jose, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Walnut Creek, Monterey, and all of the surrounding cities. Traveling for a dental implant is worth it to find quality care, and very common.
Give our office a call now to schedule a free consultation! We`ve Got financial experts who can help with a Number of financing choices to create Your dental implant affordable for your lifestyle.
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